LAND STARŪ with Manual Ground in All Metals - List Price $449.95

The The Land Star is a powerful metal detecting system offering tremendous versatility with two distinct systems integrated into one: I. No-Motion All Metals Mode: In this setting, detected targets will cause the detector to sound off for as long as the target is under the searchcoil/motion is not required to detect a target. II. Motion Discriminate Mode, Notch and Auto Notch Modes: These three modes fall under the Discrimination System. The unit will now emit three separate tones classifying metal under the Audio Target Identification System.

With four modes of operation and a separate Ground Trac Touchpad for Ground Balance Re-Tune in the All Metals Mode, the Land Star can be effectively utilized for any metal detecting application conceivable: 1. All Metal: The All Metals Mode is an excellent mode for gold prospecting, cache hunting or pinpointing objects when coin-shooting. 2. Disc: The Disc Mode offers different levels of discrimination adjusted by the Disc/Notch Control. An excellent mode of choice when relic hunting since iron is detected at the Disc/Notch Control's lowest setting. 3. Notch: The Mode of choice when coin-shooting or ring hunting. Can selectively eliminate certain types of pull-tabs while still detecting nickels and gold rings. 4. Auto Notch: A fully automatic discrimination mode that allows the operator turn-on-and-hunt discrimination. The Disc/Notch Control can be adjusted to increase the width of the Notch making possible the rejection of screw caps and zinc pennies while still detecting copper pennies, silver coins, nickels and many gold rings. LCD Target ID LCD Depth Readout Touchpad Selection Sensitivity Control Ground TracŪ Retune Auto Notch Variable Notch Disc/Notch Level Control Low Battery Indicator 3-Tone Target Audio Manual Ground Balance 1/4-Inch Headphone Jack Land Star Faceplate Features Target ID Readout: Arrows indicate which type of metal or coin denomination is being detected Depth Readout: Probable depth of coin-sized objects is indicated in inches 0-10 Low Battery Indicator: Located at the center of the faceplate/comes on when batteries are low Headphone Jack: Can be either used with headphones or without (requires 1/4" plug) 4-Mode Touchpad Selection: For selection of Disc/All Metal/Notch/Auto Notch Modes Disc/Notch Level Control: Allows for fine tuning the Discrimination Level for all modes of operation Manual Ground Balance: Can be adjusted manually for ground conditions when operating in the All Metals Mode Ground Trac: Locks in the Manual Ground Balance position and Re-Tunes All Metals Audio Target Identification The 3-Tone Audio Discrimination categorizes metal targets under 3 audio output possibilities. THREE-TONE DISCRIMINATION classifies detected metal objects into the above 3 categories. Adjust the DISC control higher to increase the range of the low tone. As the DISC/NOTCH control is turned clockwise, while operating in the Disc Mode, Nails and Bottle Caps will no longer be detected while nickel and gold items will still emit a Low Tone.