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MS1 - Iron Stirrup - This is about the smallest stirrup I have ever had. It's 3 3/4" wide by about 4" tall. Still dirt covered from Central Tennessee. Should clean up very nicely. $34.00 *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS2 - Enfield Lock Plate - This is an excavated Enfield rifle lock plate. The works on the back are still attached. Has been cleaned and coated. $33.00 *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS3 - US Regulation Spur - This is a regulation US spur in very nice excavated condition. This is the kind with the heel "gutter". The gutter was to help keep the spur on the foot. Partial rowel. From Moorefield, VA. $60.00 *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS4 - Musket Nipple Protectors - These were carved from bullets. $12.00 each *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS5 - Scabbard Tip with Finial - From Northern Georgia $10.00 each *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS6 - Knapsack "J" Hooks -These are knapsack hooks called "J" hooks because of their shape. $3.00 each *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS7 - Lead Pencil - This is an excavated large pencil made from a chunk of lead. It was found at Camp Letterman - Gettysburg. Crude but interesting. Marks as good as a modern day pencil, just uglier. $18.00 *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS9 - Scabbard Tip Finials - $3.00 each *** MOVED TO EBAY ***
MS10 - Knapsack Rivets - Chancellorsville, VA. Some of these have still have leather on them. $2.00 each or 2 for $3.50 *** SOLD ***
MS11 - Munfordsville, KY Relic Case - This case contains 1 Shell fragment 2 case shot from inside of a cannon ball, and 1 piece of a projectile's sabot. $12.00 *** SOLD ***
MS12 - Inkwell - These are small clay inkwells used during the Civil War era. $20.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS15 - "11 INCH SEAT" US Saddle Shield - Stamped brass. Lettering is OK. A little rough, but nice. $35.00 *** SOLD ***
MS16 - Plain Bridle Rosettes - These are non-excavated. They are 2" in diameter. They still have the full attachment loop on the back. $18.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS17 - Raking Spur - This is Civil War period Raking Spur. Notice that the rowel is horizontal to the ground instead of perpendicular as are most spurs. Rowel turns freely. Has one buckle still attached. Very nice spur. $65.00 *** SOLD ***
MS18 - Sword Scabbard Piece - This is a piece of the end of a metal sword scabbard. It measures about 8" long. Found at Gettysburg. $35.00 *** SOLD ***
MS19 - Saddle Shield - This is a plain saddle shield. It has a couple of small bends at the top, but in otherwise nice condition. Found at Gettysburg. $35.00 *** SOLD ***
MS20 - Tent Guy Rope Holder - These are made of brass. $8.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS24 - Musket Hammers - These are excavated musket hammers. $18.00 *** SOLD ***
MS25 - Heel Plate - *** SOLD ***
MS26 - Excavated Pocket Knives - These knives were excavated from various Civil War campsites. $9.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS27 - One Shot Boot Pistol - This is an excellent Civil War period One Shot Boot Pistol. It is non-excavated. Hammer and trigger function perfectly. Has the walnut?? colored grips. Appears to be about .22 caliber. I'm not sure of the maker as there is no makers mark other than some numbers under the barrel. $385.00 *** SOLD ***
MS29 - Candle Holder -This is Civil War period Candle Holder. They would stick the point into the dirt or a piece of wood to hold it upright and put a candle in it for light. Made of iron. $40.00 *** SOLD ***
MS30 - Musket Trigger Assembly - This is a trigger assembly for an 1849 musket. Found at Gettysburg. $35.00 *** SOLD ***
MS31 - Suspender Buckles - These are Suspender buckles. No patent date on them. Excellent condition. $5.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS32 - Bat Wings - This is a brass carbine sling belt tip. They are called bat wings because of their shape. $15.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS33 - Sword Belt Hangers - From Northern Georgia. $12.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS34 - Poker Chips - These are made from flattened bullets. $8.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS35 - Bugle Mouthpiece - This is an excavated bugle mouthpiece. Excellent excavated condition. *** SOLD ***
MS360 - Bat Wings - This is a brass carbine sling belt tip. They are called bat wings because of their shape. Found at Gettysburg. $15.00 *** SOLD ***
MS37 - Candlestick Holder - This is an excavated candlestick holder that shows it's age. It is pretty bent on the base part and the stem is no longer supported by the base. It has long since broken away. This was excavated at Camp Letterman/Gettysburg. A nice piece of history. $20.00 *** SOLD ***
MS38 - Iron Stirrup - This is a plain civil war period iron stirrup. Very good condition. $30.00 *** SOLD ***
MS39 - Iron Stirrup - This is a civil war period iron stirrup. It has a larger ornate bottom. Very good condition. *** SOLD ***
MS40 - Iron Stirrup - This is a plain civil war period iron stirrup. Excellent condition. $30.00 *** SOLD ***
MS45 - Medicine Bottle - These are small Civil War period medicine bottles. The measure about 4" tall and 2' wide. $15.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS54 - Enfield Case - This 3" X 4" Riker case contains 2 Enfield bulltes and a 3-ring bullet in a small piece of wood. Nice little case. $35.00 *** SOLD ***
MS62 - Confederate Blanket Roll Buckle - Excellent condition. Could still use some cleaning. I will leave that up to you. $50.00 *** SOLD ***
MS66 - Caltrops or Crow's Feet - These were used to maim cavalry horses by throwing them in the roadway. When the horse would step on one of these it would foul his hoof. Kind of barbaric, but I guess they worked. These are getting harder to find all of the time. These are excellent specimens. *** SOLD ***
MS67 - Enfield Bayonet Scabbard Piece - This is the top piece of an Enfield bayonet scabbard. It still has a lot of the leather on it. Unique relic. *** SOLD ***
MS68 - Sword Hangers - These are swivel sword hangers. $12.00 each *** SOLD ***
MS69 - Pair of Bridle Rosettes - This is a matching pair of bridle rosettes. They are in excellent condition. $90.00 for the pair *** SOLD ***
MS70 - Enfield Rifle Lock Plate and Hammer - This is an excavated Enfield rifle lock plate with the hammer and the works on the back. It was found in one of Sherman's camps in South Carolina. Very nice relic. $55.00 *** SOLD ***
MS71 - Officer's Sword Belt Plate Keeper - This is an officer's sword belt buckle keeper. Excellent condition. $15.00 *** SOLD ***
MS72 - Bridle Rosette - This bridle rosette is from Fredericksburg, VA. It has the speckled background with a dot between the U and the S. The top rivet is still attached. *** SOLD ***
MS73 - Bridle Rosette - This bridle rosette has the speckled background with no dot between the U and the S. The bottom rivet is still attached. *** SOLD ***
MS74 - Candleholder - This is an excavated top piece of a candlestick holder. Tarnished brass. It was found at Camp Letterman - Gettysburg. Very nice relic. $20.00 *** SOLD ***
MS75 - Whistle - This is a larger whistle. It works very well. One of the nicer ones I've had. $65.00 *** SOLD ***
MS76 - Heel Plate - This type is much sought after and extermely hard to find in good condition. $35.00 *** SOLD ***
MS77 - Round US Saddle Rosette - Non-excavated. A little over 1" in diameter. Full attachment shanks on rear. *** SOLD ***
MS99 - Metal Detector - This ia a Bounty Hunter "LAND STAR" Metal Detector. I bought it when my original detector went into the shop for repair. This was used for 3 or 4 days over a 3 week period. It has both an 8" and a 10" deep searching coil. It is in perfect condition and someone I know would love to have it. Since mine is back and working now, I no longer need this one. For more information on this machine, call me, email me or visit this page. The list price for this machine new with only the 8" coil is $449.95. Since it has been slightly used, I'm asking $340.00 for the machine, instructions and both coils. This price includes UPS shipping. *** SOLD ***

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