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Welcome to my Civil War Relics On-line Catalog. Everything offered for sale on these pages is guaranteed to be authentic unless otherwise noted.

ALL of my items have been moved to my EBAY Store and WEBSTORE

where new items are added frequently


ARTILLERY: Cannonballs, shells and other artillery implements. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

BUCKLES/PLATES: Belt buckles, breast plates and box plates. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

BULLETS: Bullets listed by MM#. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

MISCELLANEOUS BULLETS: Bulk, unclassified, collector sets etc. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

CARTRIDGES: Bullets with complete and/or partial cartridges. *** SOLD OUT ***

BUTTONS: Uniform buttons - dug and non-dug. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

CAMP/BATTLEFIELD/MISC RELICS: Camp and miscellaneous battlefield items. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

RELIC GROUPINGS: Miscellaneous Relic Sets in Cases. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

PERSONAL ITEMS: Personal items like pipes, razors and gaming items. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

COINS: various dug and non-dug coins and tokens. *** SOLD OUT ***

CURRENCY: Confederate currency and fractional monies. *** MOVED TO EBAY ***

LINKS: Lots of links to Civil War Dealers and other Civil War related sites.


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I have been asked by educators and researchers to NOT remove the pictured items from my list as they are sold. To accommodate these folks, I do have a historical Pictured Reference Page, where all pictured items (past and present) can be viewed. I will furnish you with the URL upon email request.

We are always open for Comments and Suggestions.

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